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Smokin’ Bullet Cigars is a new entity in the cigar world, however, our founders Darwin and Alicia have been enjoying cigars for decades. When they started smoking in their twenties, they didn’t find the cigar world to be welcoming or fun. It was old and stuffy, regardless of the age of the participants. The people seemed like they were more interested in keeping up old traditions, pairing only certain alcohol with cigars and not just enjoying the incredible sticks.  They dreamed of bringing a new fresh voice and culture to cigars. Many years went by and finally during the pandemic, they took action.

This power couple is looking to disrupt the cigar space and turn it on its ear. The tagline, “we don’t conform, we transform” is putting the industry on notice. As the newest urban blenders, they understand new smokers entering this space want more fun, excitement, inclusivity and smoke! Smokin’ Bullet wanted to be first to embrace them with open arms. Whether you are a seasoned cigar aficionado or a novice, who is simply curious about the space, we ask you to…  Come smoke with us! 

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